Meet Lori Courtney

Welcome to Lori Courtney, Director of Project Management at Adare Pharma Solutions!

What brought you to Adare?

There were two main reasons I chose to join Adare: First, our pharmaceutical product delivery technologies. Formulation and development of pharmaceutical products is not an easy task. However, to take development to the next level and offer solutions for poorly soluble materials, bitter tasting active ingredients, and patient challenges with swallowing adds another level of problem solving. Personally, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and for 12 years I observed the progression of this horrible disease. One of the most significant effects was dysphagia. It is hard to see your loved one no longer remember to swallow. Taking prescribed medications and ensuring the drug is delivered safely and effectively into the body is crucial to the patients’ health. Providing solutions to this problem is just one example of how what we do at Adare takes drug development and manufacturing to an entirely new level. What we do is not just a job, it is literally transforming and saving lives, these technologies are providing hope and possibilities to those that may not have any other option. Second, the focus on customer and building long lasting relationships. Adare is not just a fee for service organization, we believe when a contract is signed that a partnership begins. Your success is Adare’s success.

What has most surprised you since you joined the Adare team?

The knowledge and expertise of my co-workers. From Formulation Scientists, Analytical Chemists, Production Operators, Project Managers, to Business Development, all departments have tenured experts in their fields. Ten or more years in the industry and their knowledge is insurmountable. Also, the openness and friendliness that everyone has extended to a new face is greatly appreciated.

What prior experience most prepared you for your current role with Adare?

My pharmaceutical experience over the past 16 years has all been in the Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing organizations. My background is in solid dose and semi-solid manufacturing, packaging, and analytical testing from R&D to Commercial batch manufacture. I have held management positions in both Project Management and Quality and gained more and more knowledge in each position. I have experienced what works and what doesn’t. My goal at Adare is to harmonize and guide our Project Management team to ensure that extraordinary service and support continue to be provided to our customers. In addition, provide expertise and implement strategic initiatives to ensure that Adare becomes the most successful CDMO in this industry.

My work helps Adare…

Bottom Line:  Save Lives.

What are you most looking forward to learning in your role at Adare?

The Project Management team possesses strong skill sets with an array of pharmaceutical knowledge. I look forward to working as a team and collaborating on many initiatives to strengthen our department and to grow the organization.

I’m also looking forward to learning and building relationships with our existing customers and potential customers.