A highly flexible, multi-delivery platform tool that eliminates the need for post Phase 1 trial reformulations

Adaptdose, Adare’s unique commercialized approach to adaptive formulation design, provides the ability to combine multiple active ingredients and/or delivery rates in a single capsule. Adaptdose is also appropriate for dose escalation studies.

Adare’s Adaptdose technology platform provides a tool that can eliminate the need to reformulate after Phase I and overcomes several technical hurdles in the development and scale up of (1) new molecules, (2) binary and tertiary mixtures of active ingredients, zero and first order drug release matrices, or (3) scalable clinical trial materials used in dose ranging or adaptive dose clinical studies. Adaptdose technology allows us to incorporate granules, beadlets / pellets, and mini-tablets into a single capsule without the step of mixing the different materials prior to filling using our commercially engineered, accurate and high speed equipment (capable of fill speeds over 100,000 units per hour).

Adaptdose can serve as a unique, commercial ready technology that allows our clients to quickly create custom oral delivery systems, thereby reducing the time to market, improving the flexibility of system modifications during clinical studies, and decreasing the potential to reformulate the product. It is a platform that can also help companies to bring new Fixed Dose Combinations to clinical research and commercial quickly.


Adaptdose overcomes many technical hurdles in the development of scale up of:

  • New molecules
  • Binary and tertiary mixtures of active ingredients, zero and first-order drug release matrices
  • Scalable clinical trial materials used in dose-ranging or adaptive dose clinical studies


Adaptdose delivers a unique, commercialized approach

Adare’s adaptive formulation design provides the ability to combine 2-3 active ingredients or 3-4 delivery rates in a single capsule using minitablets, granules, and liquid.

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Nathan Dormer

Director, Drug Product Development

Nathan Dormer, Ph.D., is the Director of Drug Product Development at Adare Pharma Solutions and is responsible for pharmaceutical development activities at Adare’s Lenexa, KS site where he supports a team of formulation scientists and analysts. He is a pharmaceutical scientist and bioengineer by training, with more than 16 years of experience developing microsphere-based solid oral and parenteral/implantable dosage forms in academic, innovator, and CDMO settings. Dr. Dormer earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. (w/Honors) in Bioengineering from The University of Kansas while receiving NIH-sponsored Pharmaceutical Biotech Training.

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