Optimize therapeutic performance and increase patient acceptability with customized release technologies from Adare.


Adare’s customized delivery technologies optimize efficacy, safety, and dosing frequency and can be combined to create formulations exhibiting unique release profiles in a single dosage form.

Modified & Targeted Release

  • Multiparticulates
  • Mini-tablets
  • ODT
  • Matrix tablets
  • Functional coatings
Key advantages

  • Wide range of release profiles
  • Multiparticulate dosage
  • Convenient dosage forms:capsules, sachets or sprinkles
  • Precise lower dosage strengths
    Ideal to address pediatric patients


Speak With An Expert

Profile Photo: Nathan Dormer

Nathan Dormer

Director, Drug Product Development

Nathan Dormer, Ph.D., is the Director of Drug Product Development at Adare Pharma Solutions and is responsible for pharmaceutical development activities at Adare’s Lenexa, KS and Philadelphia, PA facilities, where he supports a team of formulation scientists and analysts. He is a pharmaceutical scientist and bioengineer by training, with more than 16 years of experience developing microsphere-based solid oral and parenteral/implantable dosage forms in academic, innovator, and CDMO settings. Dr. Dormer earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. (w/Honors) in Bioengineering from The University of Kansas while receiving NIH-sponsored Pharmaceutical Biotech Training.

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