Adare Pharma Solutions is a world leader in organic-phase coacervation for pharmaceutical products.

Our proprietary taste masking platforms can improve product acceptability and patient adherence

Increasingly, format flexibility is becoming a requirement to address patient issues such as swallowing. The FDA also continues to push for pediatric-friendly formulations. Taste, smell, and mouth feel are the key product features to address when developing pediatric formulations. And Incremental formulation and clinical research costs require cost-effective solutions with flexibility in manufacturing scale. These drivers are why customers continue to come back to Adare Pharma Solutions for their taste-masking challenges.

Among various taste masking strategies, physical barrier is one of the most efficient technologies, and Adare offers industrially feasible physical barrier technologies, such as Microcaps®  and Optimµm®, for taste masking and dosage forms for pediatric populations.

Microencapsulation by coacervation:

As the world leader in coacervation, Adare’s Microcaps® technology is widely scene as the industry leading taste-masking solution with a wide variety of delivery formats.

  • Uniform coating of a solid particle or liquid droplet with a rigid semi-permeable polymer
  • Creates a physical barrier:
    • Effective taste masking
    • Customized release profile
    • Turn liquids into powders
    • Combine incompatible APIs
  • Final dosage forms:
    • Powder
    • Dry syrup
    • Orally disintegrating tablets
    • Parvulet® dosage form: food-like texture

Core In the manufacturing
of Gel-like

Proprietary Taste-Masking Process

Although spherical particles are shown (yellow), the Microcaps® coacervation process can also be used for varying non-isometric particle shapes.

Our Process Also Offers:

  • Small Particle Size – down to 150-200 µm
  • Highly efficient coating – usually 10-20%
  • Tunable and reproducible dissolution profile
  • Short processing time – one shift
  • Processing time not impacted by coating amount
  • High manufacturing capacity
  • Can manage different particle shapes

Adare’s Optimµm® technology provides innovative taste masking opportunities not seen before in oral pharmaceutical products

Optimµm® is developed and manufactured through Adare’s Precision Particle Fabrication™ technology, which produces uniform microspheres and microcapsules. Optimµm® is an elegant and robust solution with countless applications. You can learn more about how Optimµm® is manufactured using Precision Particle Fabrication™, here.

Optimµm® Multiparticulates are able to deliver:

  • Uniformity
  • Format Flexibility
  • Dose Flexibility
  • Taste Masking
  • Variable Release Kinetics
  • Single-step Microcapsules


The Broadest Variety of Taste-Masking Solutions in the Industry

Adare Pharma Solutions employs a variety of strategies for achieving successful taste-masking results for our customers, including:

API Taste Modifiers or Suppressants

  • Sweeteners
  • Flavors
  • Bitter receptor blocker or antagonists
  • Potentiators
  • Effervescents


API Solubility Modifier

  • pH Modifier
  • Gellation or Viscosity Enhancer
API Barrier

  • Molecular/Ionic Barrier via complexation [Ion exchange resins or cyclodextrins]
  • Physical barrier via coating or granulation, etc. [polymers or lipids or similar excipients]


API Modification

Modify solubility or taste using:

  • Salt
  • Polymorph
  • Cocrystal
  • Prodrug


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Dr. Boltri is a pharmaceutical chemist by training and completed his degree at the University of Turin. With almost 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Dr Boltri has held leading positions as Department Head and Director.

He has extensive formulation development experience in various dosage forms, with a focus on oral delivery and solubility enhancement.

Dr. Boltri has overseen the development of 15 original/innovative products from prototype profiling to commercial scale.

In his current role, Dr. Boltri supports company processes leading to identify new and innovative technologies, as well as valuable opportunities for product development and co-development.

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