Individual drug particles deliver a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel, with no aftertaste

Microencapsulation by coacervation:

  • Uniform coating of a solid particle or liquid droplet with a rigid semi-permeable polymer
  • Creates a physical barrier
    • Effective taste masking
    • Customized release profile
    • Turn non-aqueous liquids into powders
    • Combine incompatible APIs



The final dosage forms can be produced in:

  • Powders
  • Dry syrups
  • Orally disintegrating tablets
  • Parvulet® dosage form: soft food-like texture

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Profile Photo: Srinivasan Shanmugam, Ph.D

Srinivasan Shanmugam, Ph.D

Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Support, and New Technologies

Dr. Srinivasan Shanmugam is involved in the development and expansion of Adare’s pharmaceutical technology portfolio and supports product development, co-development, and tech transfer opportunities. Dr. Shanmugam has a Ph.D. M.S., and a B.S. in Pharmacy. Dr. Shanmugam has more than 20 years of experience in designing and development of conventional, NDDS/alternate, advanced/modified drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical platform technologies for oral and other routes of administration. His expertise includes enabling technologies for challenging drugs and developing platform technologies. Additionally, his expertise includes patient-centric solutions focusing on pediatric and geriatric populations to achieve dose convenience, flexibility, and precision.  Dr. Shanmugam has published numerous research articles, holds multiple patents, and is a reviewer/editorial member of various prestigious journals. Shanmugam’s recent work focuses on product development solutions for special patient populations like pediatric and geriatric populations.

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