Unparalleled experience in the development of unique oral dose and injectable delivery systems

We’re experts in taste masking & controlled release for oral and injectable dosage forms

  • Leading partner to >100 pharmaceutical companies across Branded, Specialty, Generic, Veterinarian and OTC segments
  • Portfolio of >40 commercial products globally across multiple therapeutic areas
  • Expertise from product development to GMP approved commercial manufacturing
  • Four R&D and manufacturing locations
  • > 500 employees
  • Acquisition of Orbis Biosciences added innovative injectable solutions to our taste masking and controlled-release platforms


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Our technologies address the needs of multiple, large patient populations


  • 1 in 17 people will develop dysphagia in their lifetime
  • Indication specific dysphagia can result from a variety of diseases including stroke, MS, mental health disorders, GERD, and cancers of the throat


  • Unpleasant taste is the biggest barrier for completing treatment in pediatrics
  • Proper taste masking increases compliance 53% to 90%


  • 26% of geriatric patients reported difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules
  • Extended release formulations and titratable dosage forms are required to improve compliance

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Profile Photo: Luigi Boltri

Luigi Boltri

Director, Technology Development

Dr. Boltri is a pharmaceutical chemist by training and completed his degree at the University of Turin. With almost 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Dr Boltri has held leading positions as Department Head and Director.

He has extensive formulation development experience in various dosage forms, with a focus on oral delivery and solubility enhancement.

Dr. Boltri has overseen the development of 15 original/innovative products from prototype profiling to commercial scale.

In his current role, Dr. Boltri supports company processes leading to identify new and innovative technologies, as well as valuable opportunities for product development and co-development.

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