Meet Florence Lemoult

Welcome Florence Lemoult, Director of Business Development, to Adare!
What brought you to Adare? / Why did you choose to join Adare?
I chose to join Adare for the relevant technologies, the positive dynamics of the group, the strength of its financial partners, and the challenge to become a bigger player in the CDMO market. With 25 years pharmaceutical industry experience, I am excited by the opportunity to help Adare achieve its mission of transforming drug delivery as a premier CDMO.

What has most surprised you seen you joined the Adare team?
As soon as I joined, I was impressed by the excellent level of knowledge of the teams, as well as by the communicative involvement of the CEO in the transformation and development of the group.

What prior experience most prepared you for your current role with Adare?
In my previous position, I had the opportunity to actively contribute, as Business Development Manager, to the transformation of my organization into a CDMO of a pharmaceutical production site, subsidiary of a group, until its complete autonomy.
I’m accustomed to building partnerships with new customers with development project or technical transfer activities. I am excited to bring this expertise to the Adare team.

My work helps Adare…
My work helps Adare in achieving its commercial objectives of prospecting and deploying the CDMO service offering to all players in the pharmaceutical industry in the territories under my responsibility; especially in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, eastern countries, Russia, Israel…

What have you most enjoyed about working with the Adare team since you’ve onboarded?
I particularly appreciated the visit to the production sites in Italy and France, where I met talented professionals and teammates; I received a warm welcome by the BD and inside sale team; and there is energy to move forward and doing great job together, focused on the quality. The team at Adare is very welcoming.

What are you most looking forward to learning in your role at Adare?

I’m looking forward to mastering the different technologies that Adare offers, so that I can juggle them and immediately propose the different possible solutions needed by our clients. Solving customer challenges excites me, and I look forward to helping our customers find solutions that meet their needs!