Adare Pharma Solutions Appoints Ludger Roedder as President, Adare Biome

Lawrenceville, NJ, April 20, 2021 – Adare Pharma Solutions is excited to announce that Ludger Roedder has joined the organization as President of Adare Biome. As Adare has committed to growing its Pharma Solutions and Microbiome businesses, Ludger will help Adare Biome solidify its position as a major player for Human and Animal Health and Nutrition. In the newly created role of President of Adare Biome, Ludger will assume responsibility for the entire Microbiome business and serve as a member of Adare’s Executive Leadership Team.

In alignment with Adare’s strategy to accelerate the growth of the Microbiome business, Ludger will be responsible for driving the approach to expand the Company’s reach and scale its solutions for customers and patients. He and the Biome team will continue to posture Lactéol as a leading brand in its category through product and geographic expansion, to strengthen existing customer relationships and establish new partnerships in animal and human nutrition, and to position Adare as a leader in the field of postbiotics.

“Postbiotics are an emerging category of biotics in the microbiome space with significant potential for Adare Biome to serve even more customers and provide more solutions to the market than we do today,” said Vivek Sharma, Adare Pharma Solutions Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to have Ludger join the Adare team and leverage his experience, passion, and expertise to help us grow our presence in the Postbiotic Human and Animal Health marketplace.”

Ludger brings over 30 years of global business and marketing leadership to Adare and expertise in animal and human nutrition including probiotics and enzymes. He has successfully led business growth through commercial development and successful M&A in Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States in the animal and human nutrition spaces. Prior to joining Adare Biome, Ludger was Chief Business Officer at BRAIN AG, where he held responsibility to commercialize the business on a global scale and served as a member of the management Board. Ludger was instrumental in significant value creation for the company by resetting BRAIN AG’s market focus and expanding the organization’s scalable products. Previously, Ludger held positions of increasing responsibility at BASF Corporation from 2005-2018.

“I am very excited about this business because I see the potential of the postbiotics space,” said Ludger. “Adare is well positioned to meet the interest in the market for Microbiotic expertise. There is untapped potential as evidenced by the demand of the Lacteol product, and I am excited to build out the commercial and R&D capabilities to accomplish the objectives of Adare and its investors to grow the Microbiome business.”

About Adare Pharma Solutions

Adare Pharma Solutions is a leading specialty contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and a leading global provider of advanced pharmaceutical technologies, development, and manufacturing. The Company utilizes its differentiated pharmaceutical technology and microbiome scientific platforms to develop novel, improved medicines, and therapies for the global market.
Adare Biome is a division of Adare Pharma Solutions focused on postbiotic production through a proprietary ECHO™ fermentation process. Adare Biome operates from Houdan, France, a GMP Drug facility for microbial fermentation. Adare Biome’s activity is to develop, produce, and commercialize microbiological products including its pharmaceutical product Lactéol™, and its ingredient for digestive health applications, LBiome™.

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