Microspheres with high drug loading suitable for taste masking, enteric coatings, and extended release oral applications

Optimμm® technology overcomes many of the inefficiencies and deficits of traditional techniques. Optimμm® offers a wide range of modified release options using flexible format powders. It can match an extended release tablet’s performance in a suspension format. And with Optimμm® you don’t have to sacrifice taste to achieve a dispersed solid oral dosage form.


Optimμm® delivers on the promise of precision microparticles at a previously unachievable scale

  • Particle sizes down to 75 μm with Span values as low as 0.40
  • Uses a nitrogen “carrier” stream
  • Analogous to spray congealing
  • No drying step or coating required
  • Compatible with waxes, lipids, stearates, and gelatins
  • Good for oral small molecules, nutraceuticals, agricultural applications, flavorings, and heat stable molecules

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Profile Photo: Nathan Dormer

Nathan Dormer

Director, Drug Product Development

Nathan Dormer, Ph.D., is the Director of Drug Product Development at Adare Pharma Solutions and is responsible for pharmaceutical development activities at Adare’s Lenexa, KS and Philadelphia, PA facilities, where he supports a team of formulation scientists and analysts. He is a pharmaceutical scientist and bioengineer by training, with more than 16 years of experience developing microsphere-based solid oral and parenteral/implantable dosage forms in academic, innovator, and CDMO settings. Dr. Dormer earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. (w/Honors) in Bioengineering from The University of Kansas while receiving NIH-sponsored Pharmaceutical Biotech Training.

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