Taste Masking 101- Optimize Taste and Improve Patient Outcomes

Did you know that unpleasant taste is the biggest barrier for completing treatment in pediatrics? Studies show that 30% to 40% of parents had children who rejected or refused a pill or liquid medication. We have learned that by applying a taste masking application, patient compliance can increase 53% to 90%.

In this first webinar of a 4-part series, co-presented by Luigi Boltri, Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Adare Pharma Solutions, and Nasrin Mahmoudi, Technical Manager, the International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) company, you will:

  • Learn how swallowability and palatability play key factors related to patient acceptability and product development.
  • Learn about the variety of taste masking strategies including excipients, organoleptic and barrier coating approaches, and microencapsulation technologies.
  • Learn how these applications optimize product development and can improve patient adherence, and ultimately can improve patient outcomes.