Adare Licenses Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride in Portugal

Princeton, New Jersey – October 8, 2018

Adare Pharmaceutical Technologies, the specialty CDMO business unit of Adare Pharmaceuticals, has completed a licensing and supply agreement with Bene Farmacêutica (Bene) for cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride extended release capsules in Portugal.

Adare and Bene originally entered the agreement in 2012 to license and supply the product using the Company’s Diffucaps® customized release technology. This technology incorporates functional, release-controlling polymers or protective coatings onto drug-layered cores, granules, or crystals. The use of a multiparticulate system provides sophisticated control of drug delivery and optimizes release profiles for single drugs and drug combinations. Adare has developed, licensed and supplied cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride extended release in other territories outside of Europe, including in the United States.

“The launch of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride extended release capsules in Portugal provides an important treatment option for patients,” said Ajay Damani, Vice President and Business Unit Leader – Pharmaceutical Technologies at Adare. “By applying our Diffucaps technology, along with our development expertise and our understanding of the registration process across a number of territories around the world, we worked closely with Bene to bring this important product to market. We look forward to continuing to maximize the value of cyclobenzaprine extended release as part of our broader strategy for finding additional partners in other territories across Europe.”

About Adare Diffucaps Customized Release Technology

Diffucaps Customized Release Technology begins with the creation of a drug core (granulated or layered onto a neutral surface), followed by the application of one or more rate-controlling, functional polymer membranes. The drug-layering process can be conducted from either aqueous or organic solvent–based drug solutions/suspensions and results in a small (approximately 1.5 mm or less in diameter), spherical, multilayered bead.

About Bene Farmacêutica

Bene farmacêutica, Lda, an affiliate of the German pharmaceutical company Bene Arzneimittel, is a pharmaceutical company focused on pain management. Bene has been in the Portuguese market since 2010; however, some of its products have been in Portugal for more than 50 years. The company’s main products, ben-u-ron (acetaminophen), Dol-u-ron (acetaminophen+codeine) and Thrombocid (PPS), are the most prescribed by doctors in their class and ben-u-ron is the top selling at the pharmacy. For more information, visit “”

About Adare Pharmaceuticals

Adare Pharmaceuticals is inspired to improve the lives of patients others have been left behind. Since its creation in 2015, the Company has committed to becoming a global specialty pharmaceutical company applying its longstanding product development capabilities to advance its own pharmaceutical pipeline, while growing its business through partnering efforts and continued advancement of its microbiome and consumer products. With over 600 employees across six global locations, Adare Pharmaceuticals has supported over 60 launches in 44 countries. For more information, visit “”

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