Taste Masking Webinar Series: Challenges with Pediatric Flavors For Taste Enhancement & Modulation

Taste and the overall sensory experience is a critical component of patient compliance and therefore, drug effectiveness. 35% of children taking oral medicines for a chronic disorder reported that the taste of their medicine lead to difficulties in taking that medicine. Over 50% of global consumers look for ingredients that can trust in labels and an equivalent amount believe that eating less sugar is healthy, even when it comes to taking medicines. Taste remains the primary reasons for purchase and repeat purchase of most consumer products in the industry, which carries over into choices for medicines, especially when it comes to children.

The first section of the webinar will provide evidence that taste is a barrier to taking medicines in paediatric populations. It will highlight what strategies we can use to measure palatability of medicines and what we can learn from other populations. It will also highlight the current pharmaceutical strategies to mask taste in paediatric medicines.

The second part of our webinar will focus on the science and ingredient strategies for making consumer products taste better. Addressing unpleasant flavors, enabling the ability to reduce unhealthy macro ingredients. We will take a deep dive into taste perception and the origin of most taste ingredients targeting consumer drivers of liking.

Join us for Session 3 of our Taste Masking Webinar Series to build upon the fundamental taste masking strategies and key applications we discussed in Sessions 1 & 2. Learn more about specific populations such as children and how we can use flavor not just to provide a desired taste, but also provide taste masking.